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Medieval Free Company

Thank you for visiting the Medieval Free Company! We are currently building a new and exciting website so please bear with us whilst there is restricted content on this page. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

The Medieval Free Company is a group of families and individuals who all share a common interest in medieval history. We specialise in the recreation of the lifestyle of a group of mercenaries during the Wars of the Roses period. Everything within the camp is recreated, through research, with as much historical accuracy as possible and with materials and methods that would have been available at the time.

Churning Butter

We make a point of not roping off our encampment, but allowing the public free access to walk around and explore and ask questions. Most of our tents are kitted out as authentically as possible and open for the public to view, not used merely for storage.

When you visit our encampment you will see various crafts in progress. We try to use authentic methods and tools suited to the period. Click on the Trades button above to see more details about who does what. Our members are always happy to talk about what they do and answer any questions you may like to put to them.

As an added attraction for our younger visitors, our Wardrobe Mistress has a supply of costumes for them to dress up in, to experience what medieval clothes were like to wear, and maybe have a photo or two taken as a souvenir of their day out.

We are available for bookings throughout the summer season. Places we have been to in the past include National Trust, English Heritage and Cadw properties. We have also worked with Winchester Museum for several years and appeared at large medieval festivals along with other living history groups and at smaller village celebrations of 500th anniversaries and other special occasions.

You can find out more about how 'free companies' came into existence in the 15th century here.

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