Welcome to The Medieval Free Company

The Medieval Free Company is a group of families and individuals who all share a common interest in medieval history. We specialise in the recreation of the lifestyle of a group of mercenaries during the Wars of the Roses period. Everything within the camp is recreated, through research, with as much historical accuracy as possible using materials and methods that would have been available at the time. Our focus is on authentic living history camps and archery with traditional English longbow. 


As an active living history camp we make a point of not roping off our encampment, but allowing the public free access to walk around, explore and ask questions. Our tents are kitted out as authentically as possible and open for the public to view and interact with, not used merely for storage.

When you visit us or hire our encampment for your event you will see numerous medieval trades and crafts in progress. We use authentic methods and tools suited to the period and encourage the public to engage with the display as much as possible.

With the Medieval Free Company you can feel the weight of a real sword, hear the whip of the bowstrings as the arrows fly, mark the dexteritity it takes to weave baskets, try your hand at making butter from scratch, test your cunning with the games master and feel the heat from the cook's open fire. We guarantee an immersive, engaging and truly Medieval experience.

We pride ourselves on our passion for this period of history and the skills and aspects of medieval life that we display. As such we welcome as many questions as you can ask and only hope that you are inspired to learn more about life during the Wars of the Roses as a result of meeting the Medieval Free Company.