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  • Herbalist

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  • Basket Maker

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  • Rushlight Maker

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  • Seamstress

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  • Leather Worker

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Our youngest member.

Born early 2016, Arthur is the youngest member of the group. His first reenactment was The Leominster Medieval Pageant of 2016, aged just five a half months old. He coped remarkably well with the damp weather, canon fire and constant attention. 

Spending most of his time wrapped in linens and furs he was very content to sit in his beautifully carved crib and watch the spectators go by. Smiling and waving increasing amounts as the season went on, he particularly enjoyed the summer event at Eastleigh where The Medieval Free Company took part in the Road to Agincourt event.

One thing that we do get asked a lot is "Is that a real baby?!" 

The 2017 season will see Arthur at a toddling 17 months old, exploring the camp on nervous little legs as he learns to cope with his leather shoes, having only just mastered the skill of walking!